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FITSi conecta tu casusa

Do you want to give more visibility to your organization and more momentum to your cause?

Organizing a festival like FITSi, with the collaboration of experts, in a relaxed environment that promotes participation and encourages the generation of new ideas, is the most effective, easy, and quick way to consolidate and elevate your community!

What is FITSi

The Independent Festival of Innovation and Social Tech is a proven event model that focuses on advancing social causes through technology. Whether in its in-person, virtual, or hybrid versions, it incorporates a methodology for managing your own festival in an agile way, with compelling communication to attract people who share your cause. Additionally, it provides a process for creating an agenda that enables training, dialogue, exchange, and co-creation of ideas among attendees and experts.


Qué es

Why do it?

If you are a NGO, a social enterprise, a B Corp, if you have a project with social impact, or if you are part of the public sector or academia...

Being a host of a FITSi will allow you to:

Be the protagonist of your own themed festival with a focus on innovation and social technology.

Increase the profile of your organization and your community in the eyes of donors, media outlets and potential partnerships by demontrsating leadership in your sector.

Gain greater credibility in grant and funding applications.

Nurture your community through knowledge and co-creation, positioning your brand.

Create your own database with key contacts for your cause.

Establish strategic connections with experts, academia, media, and potential allies such as sponsors during and after the festival.

Generate new opportunities, projects, and innovative ideas for your cause.

Create opportunities with donors for funding.

How? We provide everything you need

This methodology draws on the lessons learned from FITS, organized by Wingu in various countries in Latin America, with over 40,000 participants in its 25+ editions.

Your organization will determine the event's date, and you can choose to host the event in any of these 3 formats:



An event that takes place at a physical location. Only those who attend in person can participate in the event.

  • Networking works better.

  • It has a greater impact on people.

  • Some people are tired of the digital format.


FITSi Editions


previous editions




in-person and virtual participants


next editions

FITSi Marruecos
The organization Innovation for Change hosted the 2022 edition of FITSi in Morocco. According to attendee feedback, this festival was recognized for being a unique innovation event with a focus on networking, experimentation, and learning.
Innovation for change.

Organize a FITSin your city


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Resources for FITSOrganizers

Is your organization already a FITSi organizaer? Then you are part of a community that aims to reach more causes and people to empower them through technology, innovation, and collaboration.


Soon you will be able to get in touch with other FITSi organizers, share useful resources, and participate in exclusive events.

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