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What is FITS

A unique opportunity for meeting, communication and articulation that inspires and mobilizes social initiatives through specialists from around the world who share their knowledge with thousands of people and organizations to make them more autonomous and independent in the use of new technologies. 

Global, diverse & plural

We are a community that seeks to interact and learn more about the latest trends and developments in the digital field. Experiences that allow finding new ways of working on a daily basis, communicating and exchanging ideas, raising funds and helping, simple solutions with innovative tools to optimize time and resources.

We always seek to go further with dynamic experiences that allow us to find simple solutions to optimize time and resources for the common well-being of all people. 


We started as a festival of social impact with conferences on technology for Latin America. Year after year we grew with more content and attendees.  

Our big bet was the 2020 edition. Totally virtual and free, it reached more than 8,000 people in 52 countries around the world.  

This allowed us to launch the Thematic FITS to provide more depth to the issues that bring us together and promote the FITSi, an independent format carried out by other organizations that help share knowledge for their communities.

Today we have already registered more than 31 thousand people registered throughout its 19 editions and we are going for more.


Argentine Mexico
786 attendees


Argentina Mexico Colombia
1,759 attendees


Argentine Mexico
1,756 attendees


Argentina · Mexico · Colombia · Guatemala
2,179 attendees


Argentina Mexico Colombia
2,113 attendees


Global Chile
8,023 attendees


7,947 attendees

943 attendees

FITS Gender
1,486 attendees

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