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FITS conecta

FITS Universe

Everything we do is made up of initiatives, content and events in various formats: face-to-face, hybrid and digital worldwide.



FITS Global

It is the largest of our editions, on a large scale.

A meeting
without borders in which thousands of people from the social sector participate.


global specialists


talks, workshops and panels


simultaneous scenarios


full days

Thousands of attendees.

Round table conversations.

Booth fair.

Interactive experiences.

Previous editions:


FITS Thematic

A special version of the FITS, in a hybrid format , focused on a specific theme and with a strong goal of articulation for referents of social impact.

The best of the virtual and face-to-face experience

Disruptive and interactive platforms

Questions and answers with specialists

Specific inspirational talks.

Easy and info guides.

Networks with specialists and organizations.

Previous editions:



A format of events organized locally and independently. 

It consists of sharing the spirit and knowledge of FITS so that it can be replicated and experienced by more organizations in the world and their own communities.

​They are carried out by the organization itself through a license granted by FITS with our curation, communication and design guidelines.

Proposals of great relevance for the host organization and its own community that will provide an opportunity to generate knowledge, projects, contacts and much more.

How to do a FITSi?

contact us at

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